The ASPAPACK asparagus bundling machine

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The ASPAPACK asparagus bundling machine Fast, efficient bundling of the asparagus

Die Spargel-Bündelmaschine ASPAWAAG E
This is how to bundle asparagus

By using the Aspapack asparagus bundling machine, your bunches are tied in an instant – in your choice of sizes. Flexible, faster packing – you save valuable time and minimise costs.

The asparagus is transported securely and without a binding stop by means of three toothed belts and holders. Two ADT binders (Baumeister system) tie the asparagus ensure ensurewith elastic yarn into suitable bunches. Integrated exit conveyor belts deposit the asparagus bunches on the downstream round table.

ASPAPACK – detail views
Technical data
Base body stainless steel 1.4301
Speed up to 70 strokes / min.
Number of binders 2 ADT-binders
Binding material Elastic yarn
Applications Asparagus, vegetables, flowers, herbs, non-food articles
Release switch Light barrier
Width 0.9 m
Height 0.9 m
Length Variable, depending on size: 4.5 – 16.5 m (without round table)
* Subject to technical modifications.