Aspapack zum Spargel nachschneiden

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Aspacut The fast cutting system for asparagus!

Das Nachscneidesystem Aspacut für Spargel
Optimise packing performance!

Many foodstuff discounters specify a length of 22 cm for white asparagus in their product range, although a new EU standard revokes this. This means division of the market into asparagus lengths of up to and more than 22 cm.

The producers take this into account by cutting, washing and sorting the length of the raw product up to 24 cm. In a second step, the sorted goods are shortened and packed to meet the order.

Neubauer Automation's AspaCut optimises the shortening process. It cuts pre-sorted asparagus spears at up to 10.80 m/min and considerably increases the packing performance.

A comprehensive range of accessories, e.g. roller conveyors, roller conveyor curves, conveyor belts, work tables and scales from our product range ensure even more efficient flow of goods.

Technical data
Overall length 9.00 m
Length of loading section 3.50 m
Length of removal section 4.50 m
Oil-free toothed-belt technology takes care of transporting the asparagus
Our tried-and-tested cutting technology with a higher rotating blade speed creates an exact, straight cut
Integrated cut-off conveyor (optional)
Continuously variable speed from 5.50 - 10.80 m/min.