ESPASO SEC: Perfect sorting of asparagus bundles with spears of same length

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Asparagus sorting machine ESPASO SEC Perfect sorting of bundles with spears of same length

Why should you use an ESPASO SEC?

Perfect asparagus bundles

The intelligent selective cutting system, combined with selection of the stretched length, makes it possible to cut every asparagus spear - straight or curved - to a precisely-defined length. This is how to create bundles with asparagus spears of exactly the same length.

Perfect asparagus bundles

Minimise asparagus wastage

Flexible water jets can position every cut as required and cut every single spear individually. No need for later manual cutting. Allows exact cut-off at the edge of the field cut, minimising wastage.

Cut asparagus with water jets

Sorts 45,000 spears per hour

The ESPASO achieves a constantly high capacity of over 90%. Under ideal conditions, it can sort up to two tonnes of asparagus per hour.

Constantly high sorting output for asparagus

Cuts white feet

The software's intelligent asparagus evaluation detects to the millimetre the transition area between the green spear and the white foot, allowing the precise cut-off of white feet.

ESPASO cuts white feet on green asparagus

Service and machine availability

If you ever require assistance, we provide fast and competent advice. We offer support in the local language, remote servicing and worldwide service from the main factory.

Best service for your asparagus sorting machine

Optimising productivity

Well-designed technology and excellent processing quality create a machine which will optimise your production and maximise your turnover.

The ESPASO optimises productivity

Product video: The ESPASO SEC asparagus sorting machine in operation.

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